We respect the opt-in/out user preferences exposed by Mastodon. The default settings is up to your Mastodon operator and can be found in Preferences > Preferences > Other > Opt-out of search engine indexing.

Delete process

We honor every delete request received by Mastodon instance's public stream. A post deleted on your profile is deleted from FedSearch.

Data removal

After opting-out you might want to remove your posts from the search engine. A simple post with the hashtag #RemoveMyContentFromSearchEngines will remove every data linked to your profile from the search engine. Make sure you're opted-out before or you will get indexed again.

Server opt-in/out

Your best way is to change the default opt-in/out settings for your new users. If you wish to opt-out your server regardless of your user's preferences, feel free to contact-us for exclusion.